The Gumtree Festival is Mississippi’s premier arts festival. Each spring, artists from all over the Southeast descend on Downtown Tupelo for a weekend of music, performance, food, crafts, and visual arts. Whether you’re an aspiring artist seeking inspiration, a family looking for weekend fun or a collector searching for the next great piece, Gumtree Festival has something to offer you.

Gumtree Festival features some of the regions most decorated artists from more traditional paintings and ceramics to innovative mixed media and pop art. Visitors get up close and personal access to artists and their creations during the two day celebration of Southern arts and culture in Tupelo’s beautiful downtown.

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The Gumtree Festival is a two-day outdoor sale and celebration of the visual and performing arts around the Old Courthouse in Downtown Tupelo. It is put on by The Gumtree Museum of Art also in downtown Tupelo.